Sunday, October 16, 2016

Difference Between Administration And Management

Traditionally, there have been two bases of distinction between the terms administration and management:

1) The classical distinction, where the term 'administration' is used for the government and 'mgt.' for private sector. In this sense, thus, though the activities are same, the areas of operation are different. It implies a horizontal basis of distinction between the two terms.
2) The area of operation distinction given by Henry Fayol : wherein he states that the activities by top level executives of an organization are termed 'administration' and those by middle level executive 'mgt'. thus persons involved in the formulation of policies ' managers'. it implies a vertical basis of distinction between the two terms.

However, these two bases of distinction are no more relevant these days. Today administration is involved not only in administration but also in public enterprises. Similarly, more and more private firms are going towards administration services. The growth of 'New Public management' is an indicator of changing roles of administration. Similarly, the horizontal basis of distinction too has become irrelevant because management is not confined to the middle level organization. Also management is not only doing the things but also getting things done. Moreover, administration is not only policy implementation but also policy formulation.

Thus in the present times, both administration and management mean a group activity involving co-operation and coordination to achieve certain desired goals or objectives.


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