Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Significance of Public Administration as an Activity

Public Administration is an essential part of the society and a dominant force in it. It is called upon to perform ever increasing functions and activities. These functions like education, health, entertainment, sanitation and social security etc. increase the "human welfare".

The activities of public administration in their various capacities encompass the following:

  • It is the basis of existence of a government without which no government could exist whether it is a democratic or authoritarian government.

  • It provides basic services useful for the welfare of the public.

  • The policies and programmes of the government are converted into reality through the instrument of public administration only.

  • Governments may change but the institutions of public administration provide a continuity and stability to the society. Even when there are revolutionary changes in the character of the government public administration machinery is kept intact.

  • Public Administration is expected to be an 'agent' of change in many countries especially the developing ones.

  • Considering the complex and technical nature of problems faced by the modern society, public administration comprises a galaxy of technical services also alone with the generalists.

Significance of Public Administration as an Activity

The points above make it clear that the public administration is the 'visible' part of the government. It represents government in 'action'. It increases the welfare of the community and provides a basis of the stability of the civilization. The today's state is called an "Administrative State". According to W.B. Donham "If our civilization fails, it will be mainly because of breakdown of public administration" and to Paul Appleby "Without administration, government would be a discussion club, if indeed, it could exist at all"


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Having studies about the meaning, nature, scope and significance of the public administration we will now learn about the similarities and dis-similarities in public and private administration in our next article.


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