Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Factors Important in Citizen-Administrative Interface

There are various modes in which citizens interact with administration, whatever the mode may be there are some factors which determine whether the citizens perceive their interaction with administration as comfortable or not.

Citizen Administrative Interface

Some of these factors are:

  • Manner - It refers to the behavior of the government servant. How does the government servant talk to or receives a citizen leaves a far reaching impact on the mind of the citizen about the image of administration. This image of administration is made by the cutting edge level bureaucracy with which the citizens ordinarily interact e.g. if the police constable is helpful & polite in dealing with the citizens it creates an impression that administration is benevolent towards the citizenry otherwise a repressive image of administration could be created.

  • Procedure - The administrative processes (their quantity and quality) also determine the quality of relationship. How many forms a citizen has to fill up in any government office decides his comfort level many a times in that office. Thus the procedure involved in the various interactions with the administration should not be lengthy and too many. Administration should be accessible and closer to even the ordinary people.

  • Resources Exchanged - It denotes the outcome and final result of the citizen administration interaction. If the citizen is unable to file a FIR in a police station even after too many visits to tit and filling up all the necessary forms then the interaction is futile for the citizen. Thus the outcome of the citizen-administration interface should be quick, just and predictable.


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