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Significance of Public Administration as a Subject of Study

According to Woodrow Wilson, the study of administration assumed significance as a result of growing complexities of the society, growing functions of the state and rise of democratic governments. For meeting these challenges, the need to reform government was felt. The first and foremost aim of administration is to deliver public services efficiently. For ensuring The Wilson proposed to study this specialized subject of public administration. The Haldane Committee Report  (1919) in Britain, the President's Committee on Administrative Management (1937) in the United States, A.D. Gorwalas Report & Paul Appleby's Report in India are some of the examples to show that the governments in early 20thcentury were concerned about improving their administrative machinery. During the latter half also, the subject of public administration has been enriched by many different works such as Reinventing Governemnt by Ted Gaebler & David Osborne (1992), Governance & Sustainable Development (UNDP, 1997) and the World Development Reports etc. produced to keep the discipline in tune with the modern requirements.

Significance of Public Administration as a Subject of Study


As public administration exists in a society, the academicians have also been concerned about the impact of public administration on society: how does it affect the society, does it discriminate between different sections of the society and what perspective of society it has in mind while framing the various policies. For analyzing questions like these the discipline of public administration draws from several other disciplines such as History, Geography, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology and Philosophy etc. Hence the inter-disciplinary nature of public administration its significance further.

After Second World War, many countries became free from the colonial rule. They required speedy socio-economic development.  For this, they required an efficient and effective machinery of public administration which could quickly solve their problems. For this a new sub-discipline called 'development administration' was born out the broader field of public administration. Development Administration was expected to study the peculiar conditions of the developing countries and to come out with certain recommendations regarding the administrative improvements necessary to bring about their rapid socio-economic development. It shows the practical worth of studying the discipline of public administration.

As the activities of public administration touch the lives of all individuals in a society directly and indirectly, its teaching as a subject in the educational curriculum will increase the knowledge about public administration for the ordinary people. This will also imbibe values of citizenship in the people.

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