Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goals of New Public Administration

New Public Administration was established because it was realized that public administration needs to take cognizance of five major goals: relevance, values, social equity, change and client orientation.

Goals of New Public Administration


To the make the discipline of public administration more relevant to the contemporary socio-economic problems and issues, the emphasis on traditional values such as economy and efficiency needs to be done away with, the excessive management orientation in the discipline needs to be replaced by the awareness & sensitivity towards the political and administrative implications of administrative action. The discipline needs to be changed to make it relevant to the realities of public life.



The traditional "value neutral" nature of public administration was rejected by the scholars of public administration. It should rather be "value loaded". A greater concern for values, justice, freedom, equality and ethics was emphasized rather than the managerial orientation of public administration without any concern for social issues. The commitment to such values would help make the discipline more committed for the cause of advancement of the backward sections of the society. New Public Administration was more concerned about "philosophy, normative theory and activism".

It sought to answer the questions related to values and ethics. According to Nicholas Henry "if there was an overriding tone to New Public Administration, it was a moral tone"


Social Equity

As the American society was very much afflicted by the "social unrest", administration was looked upon to ensure "social equity". The first Minnowbrook conference called upon public administration to ensure distributive justice. George Frederickson was of the view that public administration which does not work for removing the deprivation of minorities could eventually be used for repressing minorities. The scholars present in this conference sought to make public administration more proactive and sensitive towards the social issues.



Public Administration was sought to be made socially relevant and social equity oriented through innovation and change. The public administrator was considered as change agent who could bring about socially relevant changes in the society.



In matters of the administrative activities like policy formulation and implementation, all the employees of the organization should participate. It was the duty of public administration to make suitable conditions so that all the stakeholders from inside as well as outside administration could participate in administration and make it accountable & responsive to the public.


Client Orientation

First Minnowbrook conference called upon public administration to be client oriented i.e. people oriented. For achieving this attitudes of bureaucrats needed to be changed.


In sum, the first Minnowbrook conference emphasized that public administration should take active lead in bringing about a perceptible constructive change in the lives of common people through reducing the economic & social disparities and other socially relevant changes.


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