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Ocean Currents in Pacific Ocean

Distribution of oceans currents in Pacific Ocean is related to the Atlantic Ocean. Both cold and warm currents create a cycle in northern and also southern hemisphere. The currents of Pacific Ocean could possibly be grouped as warm and cold as given.

Warm Ocean Currents

Following are the warm currents in Pacific Ocean.

  1. North Equatorial Current,
  2. South Equatorial Current,
  3. Counter Equatorial Current,
  4. East Australian Current,
  5. Kuroshio Current,
  6. North Pacific Drift.

Cold Ocean Current

Following are the important Cold Currents of Pacific Ocean.

  1. Okhotsk Current,
  2. Oyashio Current
  3. California Current, and
  4. Peru or Humbolt Current,
Like the Atlantic Ocean, within the north and south of equator westwards flowing ocean currents, intoxicated by trade winds, can also be common in Pacific Ocean. North of manchester equatorial current strikes with Philippines and Taiwan island and moves across the China coast from south to north. Intoxicated by westerlies, the result is the direction from south-west to northeast. It's called Kuroshio current near Japan and North Pacific Dope off north-west coast of N. America continent. From the Berring strait cold water of lesser density flows in the polar area and mix with Okhotsk cold current and they form together Oyashio cold current off coast of Hokkaido. Over the north-new england of Japan as a result of converging Oyashio cold current and kuroshio Warm Current, world's bigger fishing ground is promoting. The lake of cold current sinks down the page the trouble of North Pacific Drift and turn southward across the California coast as California Cold current. Thus all these currents from your circular motion (cycles) in north pacific.

South Equatorial current moves from east to west in South Trade area also it strikes with eastern coast of Australia and a southerly branch moves on the Queensland as East Australian warm ocean current. This current again turns towards New Zealand from Tasmania as South Pacific Drift. It merges with wester drift and moves northwards on the Peru coast. Hence this current is called Peru and Humboldt current. This area is abundant with fishfood as Guano as valuable way to obtain fertilizer. This cold current ultimately mix with south Equatorial current and consequently, a circle is created in South Pacific. Moreover, a counter equatorial current from west to east is usually found between north and south equatorial currents.

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