The roots can be found in Scandinavia. Almost 125 years after the innovation in Sweden, Finland followed with the introduction of its own ombudsman. The current predecessor of ombudsman institutions, the Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsman is based on the concept of separation of powers as developed by Montesquieu. It is to safeguard the rights of citizens(…)

Media and Foreign Policy

“National policy,” observed Schlesinger, “is determined by the plight of the Kurds or starvation in Somalia, as it appears on the screen.”53 Dubbed the “CNN Effect,” it refers to the media’s ability to affect the conduct of US diplomacy and foreign policy. Media Problems Sensationalism or trivialisation. Communication is both dynamic and very powerful in(…)


The media occupies a critical place in the governance process. A vital part is its role of a gatekeeper; disseminating critical messages to the public and highlighting issues/concerns/ initiatives. It promotes Good Governance by facilitating people’s collective action for attaining sustainable socio-economic outcomes for the common good of the society. Legitimacy of Government Freedom of(…)

the Role Of Media In National Development

Universal Declaration of Human Rights -states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” The word “media” comes from the plural of the Latin word medium, and(…)

Media and development

Media and Political development Media and Economic Development. Media can boost economic development by promoting good governance and empowering citizens, so that economies can function better. The key areas associated with media contribution to economic development are: Business and Investment Environment. For economy to grow, it requires the enabling environment for businesses and investments to(…)

The power of voice to clean India

Have you ever seen hollywood movies? I am sure you would have loved the background views of new york city, paris and other places shown in them and would love to vist them.if you get a chance. Do you know why we love those places so much? Its because we see the views which we(…)

A Click for Cleaner & Safer India

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with a population of 1.2 Billion (as per census 2011), still we lack behind in lots of things which are often ignored by the people like cleanliness, safe water drinking facilities, women safety and sanitation facilities. 597 million people in our country still defecate(…)

Mary Parker Follet

Mary Parker Follet occupies a prominent place in the community of thinkers on administrative thoughts though she is less known in comparison to other thinkers. She initiated studies on industrial groups. Traditionally the social and political scientists concentrated on the studies of the state or the society but her studies were concentrated on the industry.(…)

Functions performed by CSO & their advantages

Broadly, three sets of functions are performed to varying degrees by different types of civil society organizations: Articulating citizens’ interests and demands; Defending citizens’ rights; and Providing goods and services directly, without recourse to state agencies. Articulating citizens’ interests and demands is an important function performed by CSOs. Particularly when state policies and the programs(…)


Grievance Redress Mechanism is part and parcel of the machinery of any administration. No administration can claim to be accountable, responsive and user- friendly unless it has established an efficient and effective grievance redress mechanism. In fact, the grievance redress mechanism of an organization is the gauge to measure its efficiency and effectiveness as it(…)