Types of Pressure Groups

Generally, there are five types of pressure groups. Associational pressure groups are functionally specialised and articulate the interests of specific groups in the society such as management, labour, business, agriculture, etc. Non-associational pressure groups are based on factors like class, caste, kinship, ethnicity, religion etc., and they articulate interests irregularly and informally. Institutional pressure groups(…)

Elton Mayo and His Experiments

George Elton Mayo is considered as one of the pioneers of the human relations movement. He advocated a humanistic not mechanistic employer-employee relationship. The workers in an organization should be treated with self-esteem and dignity rather than mere factors in production or mere cogs in machine. He advocated the concept of looking at organizations as(…)

Trends in Citizen – Administration Interaction

As has already been mentioned, the traditional approached to citizen-administration interface are not sufficient to solve the present day problems and manage the administrative responsibilities. Some of the trends visible in this type of interaction are following: The bureaucratic structure visible in administration is now considered to be quite rigid especially in the developing societies.(…)

Minerals Found in India

Here are the following minerals found in India with all their details like places of occurrences, ratio etc. COAL Coal is combustible, solid stratified rock of organic and mineral matter.–          Rani Ganj coal Field (W.B.) – Jharia and Chandrapura Coal Field (Jharkhand) – Bokaro and Giridih Coal Field (Jharkhand) – Jharkhand has the largest coal(…)

Monitoring of Public Policy

The concept of public policy, various models to formulate them, various implementation techniques and the problems associated with them have been studied in the previous chapters. In this chapter various issues related to the monitoring of public policy will be considered. If the monitoring is effective then it can ensure the achievement of objectives in(…)