Herbert Simon

Herbert Simon attacked the classical theory of organisation based mainly on structural approach. He said that the so called principles of organisation were mere proverbs, and often lead to contradictory and inconsistent results. He, therefore, tried to study the question in another way, viz., by observing the behaviour of the managers in the organisations. He(…)

Trends in Citizen – Administration Interaction

As has already been mentioned, the traditional approached to citizen-administration interface are not sufficient to solve the present day problems and manage the administrative responsibilities. Some of the trends visible in this type of interaction are following: The bureaucratic structure visible in administration is now considered to be quite rigid especially in the developing societies.(…)

A Click for Cleaner & Safer India

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with a population of 1.2 Billion (as per census 2011), still we lack behind in lots of things which are often ignored by the people like cleanliness, safe water drinking facilities, women safety and sanitation facilities. 597 million people in our country still defecate(…)


Lord Ripon came to India to place ointment on the wounds given by the Lytton from his policies. His policies were: Repealed Vernacular press act Reduction in salt duty Appointment of hunter commission Local self-Government Factory act 1881                   REPEALED VERNACULAR PRESS ACT Lytton has put a(…)

Industrial Revolution in England and the Financial Phase

Revolution in England big manufacturing industries were established, in Britain. As a result of the Industrial raw material in large quantity/volume and wanted the colonies to act as the supplier of raw materials. The industries produced goods on a  large scale and wanted to expand their market so as to earn profit. The colonies where(…)